Octan Network

Using Octan 1ID

Reputation Ranking in the entire Web3 space.
To clarify, the features mentioned below are available to all Octan 1ID accounts, but some premium features may require a subscription. Users can choose from different subscription plans to access these premium features, depending on their needs and preferences.
See more about subscription plans: [TBA]
Here's how you can use Octan 1ID to take control of your Web3 identity!

Octan 1ID Login

To get started, head to the Octan 1ID site and simply log in using any of your imported wallets. It's quick, easy, and secure!

Octan 1ID Dashboard

Your 1ID Dashboard is your profile page, showcasing your basic information. You can customize your avatar, keep track of your connections with other SBTs and the communities you've followed, and view proof of verified information without fear of exposing private data. Users can share dashboards with others and can also view other people's dashboards. To access wallet analytics in the dashboard, you can upgrade your subscription plans to become a premium user.

Octan 1ID Network

With Octan 1ID, you can create your own network by following friends or key opinion leaders (KOLs) on-chain wallets by SBT-connection. The more connections you have, the more insights you get.
Please note that Octan 1ID Network is an analytics platform, not a traditional social platform where users can actively create content. Instead, it serves as a powerful tool for users to increase interrelationships and deepen their understanding of Web3.

News Feed

Stay informed about what's happening in your network with our News Feed. It lists on-chain transactions & reputation information related to the address, SBT, 1ID, and other relevant details of the objects (wallet addresses, projects, etc.) that you're tracking.

Recommendation Box

If you are looking for new communities, projects, or campaigns to join, Octan Recommendation Box offers a personalized selection of wallet addresses, usernames, and trending campaigns that you're eligible to join based on your reputation score.

Connection Requests and More

In addition to browsing and tracking data, you can also send connection requests to other 1ID users, join communities, follow influencers, and track the content that matters to you. With Octan 1ID Network, you have the freedom to explore the blockchain space on your own terms.