Reputation Board

Reputation Ranking in the entire Web3 space.

What is Octan Reputation Board?

Octan Reputation Board is a system that ranks entities based on their reputation scores on each chain. This ranking is accessible to anyone, including non-Octan users.

Classification of Reputation Board

  • By public address: The Reputation Board allows users to discover the global reputation scores of all addresses within each blockchain ecosystem through searching. The Address Board provides a comprehensive view of the activities of entities within the entire network. For deeper insights and research, Octan also offers analysis services based on specific needs.

  • By project: Unlike other explorers or data analytics tools in the market, Octan does not rank projects based on the financial value of token contracts or NFT contracts. Instead, Octan evaluates and assesses all projects within each blockchain ecosystem based on the aggregated reputation of their contracts. This reflects the frequency of activity and the level of importance in contributing to the ecosystem. Additionally, Octan is developing machine learning tools to label contracts and enhance the accuracy of analysis. Octan also provides project-specific analysis and insights based on individual needs.

  • By SBT owner: Octan allows end-users to unify their wallet reputation through Soulbound Tokens (SBTs). The ranking of SBT owners signifies their potential and contribution within the ecosystem. In the future, projects that aim to acquire potential users can utilize decentralized oracles to integrate with user reputation without disclosing their privacy data.

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