Welcome to Octan Network

Establish Trust and Credibility in Web3.

What is Octan Network?

An ​award-winning initiative by Octan Labs to provide onchain data analytics, reputation and ranking scores for accounts in the Web3 ecosystem across chains and applications, with the Reputation Ranking System (RRS) at its core.

Reputation Ranking System (RRS) is an engine that employs PageRank and mathematical ranking algorithms to quantify the reputation scores of users and applications in the Web3 ecosystem, drawing inspiration from Google's PageRank and the extensive research and publications of Mr. Paven Do, founder of Octan Labs, since 2019.

Octan Network offers a complete range of products and services needed for tracking, analyzing, and qualifying reputation and social insights within Web3 graphs made-up of accounts and transactions recorded on multiple blockchains.

Everything you need to turn your onchain complex data into readable insights.

Check out its official website: https://octan.network/

Our Strategic Journey

Our vision: becomes a leading firm in the field of Web3 insights analytics

Our mission: build a decentralized reputation system to Establish Trust and Credibility in Web3.

  • Define, analyze & label the interrelationships and connections of Web3 entities from onchain data.

  • Measure the activity levels and behaviors of web3 entities from their onchain transaction, then quantifying them in a simple and accessible way.

  • Provide reports to educate the market about the importance of social insights on Web3 and increase the demand for using reputation scores.

  • Establish Octan reputation scores as a significant reference criteria for assessing the quality of Web3 entities.

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