Segmentation on Web3 users

By quantifying on-chain data into reputation scores, analyzing insights and applying them becomes easier than ever before. Octan provides services for classifying, evaluating, and identifying the quality of Web3 users at a very affordable cost. Clients only pay for the specific services they require, allowing for cost-effective customization

  • Segment reputation data: Octan segment web3 entities by multi-scheme reputation scores based on client needs. Clients can use this service in two ways:

    1. Requesting manual data segmentation with costs based on the database's size.

    2. Integrating Octan's APIs to access reputation data, with costs based on API calls.

  • Reputation issuer: Octan is a pioneer and unique firm offering reputation computing, verifying and issuing as qualifying certificates for Web3 identity solutions.

  • SBT indexing: Octan supports organizations that want to integrate verified user reputation into their platforms by indexing Octan soulbound tokens; allows user identification without revealing their privacy credentials.

  • Decentralized oracle: Enables proactive parties to feed their on-chain data and receive corresponding scoring without disclosing privacy information to the public. Ensures credibility and trustworthiness in crypto-lending and DAO governance.

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