Analytical reports

Octan's analytical reports provide a comprehensive view of the Web3 ecosystems and its entities. These reports, produced by Octan data analysis experts, offer reputation scores of notable entities and segmentation, providing valuable social insights and social interaction within the Web3 space. Furthermore, Octan offers visualizations showcasing relationships and connections between Web3 entities. This allows clients to easily comprehend and interpret the reputation data generated by Octan

  • Public reports: Octan provides public analytical reports with regularly updated data by week, analyzing the transactional behaviors, social activity levels and insights of connections between entities within a blockchain network. These reports include evaluations and analysis by experts . Currently, Octan only provides these reports to directly registered organizations. View a sample report on Arbitrum here: Sample Report

  • In-depth reports: Classifying and evaluating specific groups of entities to extract various insights within the same blockchain network. For example, analyzing users of a project, categorizing and analyzing entities by categories, visualizing connections between high-reputation user groups and projects, etc. Organizations easily search for outstanding projects or user groups and gain multi-dimensional perspectives of an ecosystem beyond pure financial indicators. These reports require a subscription fee to access, but Octan currently offers a 100% discount for early adopters.

  • On-demand reports: Analyzing specific user groups or individual projects as specified by clients. The pricing is dealt per request based on the complexity of the data and requirements.

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