Unlock the Power of onchain social Data Insights in the Web3 Ecosystems

The Challenges

Reputation is a fundamental concept that has been central to human social interactions and interrelationship . It refers to the collective beliefs or opinions held by others about a person or entity, and it can have a significant impact on trust, credibility, and success, especially in the digital world.

With the rapid growth of the Web3 industry, which involves millions of users, transactions, and wallet addresses operating on various blockchains, in a decentralized manner, measuring the specific reputation of an entity has become increasingly important.

This is where Octan’s Reputation Ranking System comes into play.


In the rapidly evolving world of Web3, organizations face various challenges in understanding and evaluating the reputation of entities within the ecosystem. Octan's Reputation Analytics services aim to address these challenges and provide valuable insights to overcome the current problems and pain points faced by organizations (investment firms, venture capitals, media agencies, communities).

  • One of the main problem is the lack of comprehensive and reliable data on the activity levels and connections between entities in a blockchain network. This makes it difficult for organizations to assess the reputation and performance of projects, users, and other entities

  • Another pain point is the need for in-depth analysis and classification of specific groups of entities within a network. Organizations require insights beyond purely just financial indicators perspectives to identify outstanding standout projects or user groups

  • Additionally, many existing Web3 data analytics firms focus primarily on financial analysis, resulting in high costs that make it challenging for organizations to afford comprehensive analytics solutions for their marketing-related tasks.

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