Octan Network


Decentralized Identity and Data Management Solution.
In the rapidly growing world of Web3, building trustworthy identities and managing personal data across multiple chains and Dapps are challenges.
Octan tackles it by developing Octan 1ID & SBT, innovations that aim to provide a secure and reliable solution to the Web3 identity and fragmented data management problems.

What is Octan 1ID?

Octan 1ID is a type of Web3 identity and data management solution that uses soulbound tokens (SBT) to contain users' reputation scores and activities across their under-controlled public addresses.

What is Octan Soulbound Token (Octan SBT)?

Octan SBTs are a type of soulbound token proposed by Vitalik Buterin, designed and implemented by Octan Labs to enhance the concept of Web3 identity by measuring user reputation, behavior and contributions.

The connection of SBT & 1ID

Connecting SBTs and 1IDs is a critical feature of the Octan Network. With Octan 1ID serving as the central management for all wallet addresses, users can tie their Reputation Score to each SBT they own. Each SBT includes Wallet RS and Category RS. While Wallet RS is automatically updated on a periodic basis, users can pay a small token fee to update Category RS.
With this powerful combination of SBT and 1ID, users’ reputation scores are always accurate and up-to-date, making the Octan Network a trusted platform for reputation scoring.
Ready to take control of your digital identity? Visit the Octan 1ID site and mint your Octan SBT now: [TBA]

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