Octan Network

Subscription Plans

Owning 1ID offers a free version of our products and services, which includes access to the ranking and reputation board, connecting to and tracking on-chain addresses, and gaining exclusive insights through analytics. However, to fully unlock the potential of our innovations, we recommend upgrading to one of our 1ID subscription plans.
We offer various subscription plans to choose from, depending on your needs:

Basic Plan

This plan is perfect for individuals who are new to the crypto space and want to explore Octan Network's products and services. With a Basic Plan, you'll gain access to advanced analytics and reporting tools, as well as receive alerts on market trends and news.

Advanced Plan

This plan is designed for investors, researchers, and community leaders who need in-depth analytics and insights on any projects or communities they're interested in. With an Advanced Plan, you'll have access to nearly real-time market data and insights, customized alerts, and comprehensive reporting tools.
For more information on pricing and details of each plan, please visit our subscription page: [TBA]