Octan Network

Octan 1ID Visions

Octan 1ID is not just a digital identity, it's a vision for the future of Web3 Identity. As more social platforms emerge, Octan is committed to providing additional utilities and functions that will make your experience even better. Here's a glimpse of what's to come:

1. Web3 Analytics & Social Listening

Octan 1ID will soon offer a comprehensive analytics protocol, allowing you to analyze your on-chain presence and reputation score across different platforms.
With Octan 1ID, you will be able to listen to and engage in conversations about your brand, reputation, and interests across different social media platforms, all in one place.

2. External Login Method

Octan 1ID will serve as an external login method for other Web3 platforms, making it easier for you to access and use these platforms with a single digital identity and reputation utilization.

3. Reputation Issuer

Octan 1ID will also be a reputation issuer, allowing you to claim and verify reputation scores for using it on different Web3 applications.

4. Native-Web3 Credit Scoring

Octan 1ID will offer native Web3 credit score, allowing you to leverage your reputation score and credibility metrics for lending purposes. This enables you to access various financial services, crypto lending and credit offerings, all backed by your reputation score provided by the Octan Network.
The future of Octan 1ID is exciting and we're committed to making it the best identity solution for Web3. Stay tuned for more updates!