Octan Network

Minting Octan SBTs

Minting Octan SBTs is a crucial step in unifying your Reputation Score (RS) across different chains. Your Octan 1ID serves as the central management for all your wallet addresses, and having an SBT tied to your RS can be a valuable ticket to access different services and products.
Here are some conditions for minting Octan SBTs:
1. Each wallet address can only mint one Octan SBT per chain, but this doesn't limit users to owning only one SBT. Users can own multiple SBTs across different wallet addresses or chains by providing a unique ID proof (Octan 1ID) for each one.
A user can mint and own one Octan SBT on Binance Smart Chain and another on Ethereum using the same Octan 1ID account.
2. To mint an Octan SBT, users are required to pay a minting fee of $1.
It's important to note that Octan SBTs are unique, non-transferable and cannot be sold. By minting your own SBT, you can showcase your trustworthiness and credibility on different blockchain networks.