Octan Network

Reputation Board

Reputation Ranking in the entire Web3 space.

What is Reputation Board?

Octan Reputation Board is a system that ranks entities based on their reputation scores on each chain. This ranking is accessible to anyone (even non-Octan users).
The blockchains currently supported by Reputation Board can be found here: [LINK].

Classification of Reputation Board

1. Leaderboard by Public Address

Leaderboard by Public Address includes the following components:
  • Address: An address that has been recently active on a supported chain within the collected block-range (normally within one recent year).
  • GRS: The global reputation score of an address on a chain.
  • Identity: Name of contracts or EOAs crawled from public explorers.
  • Type: The classification between contracts and EOAs TXNs: Number of total transactions of an account according to the processed dataset.
  • Gas spent: Total amount of transactional gas the account spent in the processed dataset.
  • Degree: Number of total oriented connections with other accounts. This is obtained from transactions but not included those with the same direction (E.G: account X transfers 8 times to account Y but added 1 degree for each)
  • Follower: The number of people following this address through Octan Network.
  • Follower GRS: The total global reputation score of all followers.
After connecting the wallet, users can see their ranking on the board.

2. Leaderboard by SBT Owner

Leaderboard by SBT Owner includes the following components:
  • Username: The username of the registered user's 1ID account.
  • Total GRS: The total reputation score of the SBT owner's wallets.
  • Total TXNs: The total number of transactions in the SBT owner's wallets.
  • Total gas spent: The total transactional gas fee paid.
  • Total degree: Number of total oriented connections with other accounts.
  • Connection: The number of other SBT Owners linked in the Octan Network.
  • Connection RS: The total GRS of all user connections.
After logging into the Octan 1ID, users can see their ranking on the board.

3. Leaderboard by Project

Leaderboard by Project includes the following components:
  • Project name: The project name according to the contract.
  • Holder RS: The total wallet reputation score of all project contract holders.
  • Holder: The number of holders according to the contract.
  • Category: The main array of the project (DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO, SocialFi).
  • Balance: The total value of assets in the Dapp's smart contracts.
  • Volume: The current trading volume.
  • UAW: The number of unique active wallets interacting with the Dapp's smart contracts.

4. Leaderboard by Community

Leaderboard by Community includes the following components:
  • Community name: The name of the community set by the owner.
  • Member GRS: The total global reputation score of all linked Octan SBTs.
  • Member: The number of linked Octan SBTs.
  • Category: The main array of the community (DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO, SocialFi).
  • Country: The country in which the community is mainly active.
To start following any entity on these leaderboards, simply click the "Follow" button located in the "Tracking" column. Please note that in order to do so, you need to have an Octan 1ID and also own an Octan SBT on the same chain as the entity you want to follow.
If you don't have an Octan 1ID and Octan SBT yet, get started now: [TBA]