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What is Octan Network?

An ​award-winning initiative by Octan Labs to provide reputation and ranking scores for accounts in the Web3 ecosystem across chains and applications, with the Ranking Reputation System (RSS) at its core.
Reputation Ranking System (RSS) is an engine that employs PageRank and mathematical ranking algorithms to quantify the reputation scores of users and applications in the Web3 ecosystem, drawing inspiration from Google's PageRank and the extensive research and publications of Paven Do, founder of Octan Labs, since 2019.
Octan Network offers a complete range of products and services needed for tracking, analyzing, and qualifying reputation and social insights within Web3 graphs made-up of accounts and transactions recorded on multiple blockchains.
Everything you need to turn your complex data into visual insights.
Check out its official website: https://octan.network/

Octan Network Products & Services

Reputation Scoring & Analysis Services

1. Offers APIs, Oracle, to qualify and classify users based on their reputation scores, enabling projects, communities, and agencies to make informed decisions regarding business such as marketing campaigns, user acquisition and segmentation.
2. Provides clients with a comprehensive view of users, projects, communities, and their connections across multiple chains through the Reputation Board, which categorizes them into different groups using the multi-schema reputation score. This feature provides more intuitive views of the objects, making it easier for clients to evaluate them.
3. Empowers Web3 projects and communities to make informed decisions by enabling voting based on member reputation scores. By utilizing this feature, community members can trust that decisions will be made with the most positive impact, as they are based on the highest total global reputation score.
4. Assists VCs, investors, and researchers in identifying potential projects or assessing the quality of existing ones by analyzing the UAW RS (Unique Active Wallet Reputation Score) and Holder RS (Holders’ Reputation Score), in addition to other on-chain financial characteristics.
5. Enables projects and agencies to sponsor targeted ads on the Octan platform by user segmentation based on their reputation scores. This feature allows for more effective advertising campaigns and ensures that ads are shown to the most relevant users.
Learn more about Reputation Scoring & Analysis Services here.

SBT & 1ID (Data Management Product)

1. Empower users to seamlessly self-manage their ID, credentials, and social profiles across multiple EVM-compatible chains. With 1ID, users can mint soulbound tokens and link them to their unique 1ID profile, which carries their multi-schema reputation scores and verifiable credential proofs.
2. Unify users' wallets to compute their total reputation scores, which can attract the attention of various projects and communities, resulting in more rewards such as tokens, NFTs, and whitelists. Users can also publish valuable data and earn incentives from the Octan treasury.
3. Allow third parties to access and verify user reputation through bundles without revealing private data.
4. Let users be able to create their on-chain network to track transactions and reputation scores of entities they are interested in and view social insight analytics from their own network.
Tracking and analysis services are provided almost free, except for some advanced tracking or detailed analysis that require higher subscription plans to become premium users. See all the subscription plans on Octan Network's pricing site.
Learn more about SBT & 1ID Product here.

Oracle Service

1. Offers a decentralized Oracle service for aggregating and feeding credit and reputation scores to unleash DeFi and DAOs.
2. Ensures credibility and reliability in crypto-lending and on-chain governance.
For those who want to dig deeper into the technical aspects of Octan Network, see the white paper here.