Octan Network


At Octan Network, we believe that community is key to our success and growth. That's why we create OCTAN token to capture the contribution and value of Octan community, and to empower them with greater governance rights and benefits within our ecosystem.
OCTAN token has a wide range of utilities that are classified into four activity types:
Wallet Reputation Scores are updated automatically by default period and free of charge, while updating Category Reputation Scores requires a token fee paid by the user.

2. SBT & 1ID socialized

SBT owners pay a small fee by OCTAN token to request endorsements from their connection network.
OCTAN token holders have rights to vote for governance and/or ecosystem improvement proposals;
OCTAN token is required as a security deposit to join the Octan decentralized (reputation) oracle network as an operator/validator node. The OCTAN token is required per request for reputation and/or credit score feeding by the Octan oracle.
Learn more about OCTAN token at our Tokenomics Proposal here.